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AGP runs "The Wonders of Veganism" Booth at the Alzheimer's Ho Down

This year The Fountains at Canterburry put together the Alzheimer's Ho Down, a mini fair all to help raise awareness and funds for Alzheimers and the Alzheimer's Association. Residents and locals would pay for an admission ticket to get in where they would be greeted by various booths with mouthwatering food, educational programs, healthy aging information, and more. AGP decided it would be a great idea to do a booth of their own. Marco Ren and Chloe Brown led the booth "The Wonders of Veganism" where they cooked cheeseburgers sliders, mac 'n cheese, and ice cream, which were all vegan. They also taught about the benefits of a vegan diet explaining how it was better for one's health, the animals, the planet, and more. In addition they revealed and sold a sneak peek of AGP's new merch.

Take a look at AGP's Instagram post about the booth

Chloe Brown '22 Marco Ren '19 Wanda Bolen

Chloe Brown '22

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