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AGP Attends Heritage Hall's Fall Revue

This year, the Adopt a Grandparent Program had the honor of inviting their grandparents from The Fountains at Canterbury, as guests to Heritage Hall’s Fall Revue 2018. The Fall Revue is a show where Chargers are given the opportunity to perform songs they’ve prepared. Each year, the Fall Revue is given a certain theme or guideline that the performers must follow. This year, in honor of Heritage Hall’s 50th Anniversary, performers from grades 4-12 performed songs from 1969 all the way until Today’s Hits in 2018. This was great for the grandparents and grandchildren so they could all enjoy songs they knew. Residents came and watched the show with their grandchildren together or watched their grandchild perform on stage. The show was definitely an enjoyable experience with so much talent. We are so happy we were able to have our grandparents come and see an incredible part of what Heritage Hall is like!

Betty Hale, Lilly Schifferdecker '19

Ella Owen '20, Ron Dean

Jerry Bridge, Lilly Roberson '21

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